Videonet Bio Mat MacGregor

Walk on, step on, stand on, trample, and stomp my face, chest, nipples, pelvis, hands, and crotch. Use me as your doormat, and wipe your boots on my face, chest, and crotch. I love feeling you grind your lugged soles and heels into my chest, nipples, and crotch and I love you stepping on and crushing me under your powerful lug-soled boots. I get excited at seeing your pleasure in me under your boots. It excites me to see your excitement at having me under your boots. I like feeling my face under your boots. My main interests are men who wear boots and the boots that they wear—Loggers, Linemen's boots, Muck boots, Motocross boots, Military boots, Mountaineering boots, Hiking boots, Rangers, Engineers, wellies—any boots with aggressive, harsh, lugged soles. I like men who wear real boots, boots that have seen real work, and worn, dirty, or muddy boots. I will also lick your boots—worn, dirty or muddy and I love you watching me lick your boots. I also like athletic cleats—soccer cleats, rugby cleats, football cleats, and metal baseball cleats—I like feeling the cleats bite into my flesh.
United States